Land Compensation in Shwe Yaung Pya Village

Since it’s inception in 1993, Max Myanmar Group has based it’s businesses in trading, construction, agriculture and livestock and fisheries. The group has properly compensated the farmers when acquiring land for development use obtained legally and in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the previous government. The Group never forces, influence high authorities in obtaining nor confiscate land, which will not be beneficial to the original landowners/farmers.

Now, with the changing times and many reforms being done in building a new democratic nation, Max Myanmar, also with the changing tides is making it’s best efforts in giving a helping hand to the local populace their equal rights to live, uplifting their living standards and alleviating poverty. To implement the aforementioned criteria, the Group has yet again given additional compensation to the farmers who think that they are not properly compensated to their fullest. Moreover, to the farmers who wanted to work and retain their ownership rights, their lands were given back in accordance with the existing land laws and ownership rights with proper documentations. Furthermore, the Group is proactive in development of education, health and social sectors of the areas it is active in by building and donating hospitals, clinics, schools and providing funds for education sector.

Plot No. OOS, Kyay Taing Pyin Plot, Shwe Yaung Pya Village Tract, Belin Township Thaton Distrcit, Mon State

Total Area : (30 years B.O.T.) = 2829.00 Acres
Form (105)* = 402.11 Acres
Form (105) pending = 132.89 Acres
Total = 3364.00 Acres

Max Myanmar Group started its rubber plantation operations in Belin starting from 2005-06 financial year. With its yearly expansion of plantation areas, the Group has bought, compensated and reimbursed funds accordingly to the local populace in the following ways.

For FY 2005/06, a total of (182,900,000 Kyats) was compensated/reimbursed for (914.5 Acres). For FY 2006/07, a total of (2,865,000 Kyats) was compensated/reimbursed for (96 Acres). For FY 2007/08, a total of ( 100,442,500 Kyats) was compensated/reimbursed for (387.75 Acres). For FY 2008/09, a total of ( 77,200,000 Kyats) was compensated for/used for acquiring of (106.86 Acres). For FY 2009/10, a total of ( 10,015,000 Kyats) was compensated/ used for acquiring of (48.20 Acres). For FY 2010/11, a total of (100,000 Kyats) was used for acquiring (4 Acres) of land. For FY 2011/12, a total of (50,223,500 Kyats) was used for acquiring of (284.01 Acres) of land with a total of (423,746,000 Kyats) for a total area of (1841.32 Acres).

Furthermore, on 23-2-2013 and 26-4-2013 respectively a total of (274,900,000 Kyats) were compensated to the respective local populace for the land area of (1145 Acres).

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