Future Outlook

  • Current production capacity and world market price are not favorable for export especially for small farm owners. Max Myanmar supports the statement that small holder farm is a competing business model to larger estate size model which possess economy of scale. One advantage of family hold small plantation is that they can raise live stocks to increase their household income and in SYP, similar model has been in place for a couple of years. We need to conduct due diligence by all stakeholders and study more detail from different dimensions so that we can achieve sustainable socio-economic benefits, and especially a business model that can drive our country socio-economic development and higher living standards of our people as a whole comparing to neighboring countries. We understand that well developed policies and support from state are key determinants to achieve the targeted outcome for small scale, family run business model of any industry so that they can contribute the development of the community collectively. We need well developed national level strategic business plan for short and long term.
  • In addition, we cannot ignore the developments in our neighboring countries as we are joining AEC in very near future. Our country industrial policies and establishments must be well positioned to be able to compete other ASEAN members. We will study more on the experiences and lessons learned by world major rubber producers like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia relating to the benefits of small family owned farms. In addition we need to consider the investment we have made in terms of finance, capital expenditure, time, and others to transform the un-peaceful, undeveloped hilly rugged area to become one of the best, systematic, and eco-friendly plantation in Myanmar where several academician, master students, NGOs, INGOs, and MNCs have visited to learn.
  • On the other hand, with current rubber price, some family owned plantations had already shifting to ax alternative perennial crops such as beetle nut, sugar cane, pepper, and mango since small farm owners cannot withstand the downward market pressure.
  • Max Myanmar will always strive hard for the good of the country and determined to take initiatives to promote responsible business practices in our country. We will always pursue what is best for the community, for the people, and to further strengthen our country economic power, and to raise the living standards of our people.
  • To be responsible and transparent in doing business, we developed and implemented several responsible business policies including “Human Right Policy which is the most complete Human Right Policy developed by a Myanmar Business Group”, “Anti-Land Grabbing/Land Acquisition Policy”, “Grievance Handling Policy” through which we can engage with not only employment but also community dispute.
  • Further, we have actively participated in seminars and workshops on Transparency, anti-corruption, Human Rights, corporate governance, and sustainable business practices to name a few. For such initiative and continuous efforts, we have been bestowed with “Best ESG Transparency 2015” award by “cfi”.

Source: Capital Finance International (

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